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Welcome to
This site is dedicated to the macromasters comic by Don Figueroa our purpose is to archive the comic so that all Transformer fans can enjoy it.
This is an unofficial site but as Don's own site has been done for sometime I thought it was time to build this site.

For some time now I have felt this site could do with an upgrade,

If anyone was willing to contribute in order so this site could be re-designed and archived on a pop up free domain please email with any offers of help.

Disclaimer: This website, the links herein, the characters mentioned, the thoughts, concepts, and various depictions are not meant to infringe upon the copyrights and legalities held by Takara of Japan or Hasbro of America. The Transformers© are a copywritten trademark of Hasbro, manufactured under license from Takara Co., LTD. This website is provided for the general public's information and entertainment. If you feel this violates your legal rights, please contact us immediately.